Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Elementor Introduces A FREE Shape Divider Feature [+Free Templates]

Today we are excited to introduce Shape Divider – a new refreshing design feature that will transform your pages and help you create beautiful professional looking designs. Here in Elementor, we not only follow top design trends, we also set them. Shape Divider is a perfect example of that, as it broadens the range of design possibilities considerably and allows you to create cool separator effects, that until now were simply not possible.
We really fell in love with this feature. So much so, that we decided to release it to the entire Elementor community, and not just to pro users.
We are starting off with 18 shapes you can choose from. These are starter shapes, that can be customized to create an endless and versatile array of dividers.
Here they are:
The Shape Divider feature uses highly optimized SVG shapes, that are manipulated and customized on our frontend editor.
When we developed this feature, we had two important guidelines we focused on: making sure the shapes were lightweight and optimized, while delivering shapes that looked great on any screen, resolution and device.
Besides making the shapes lightweight SVG files, we have also made their loading asynchronous, meaning
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