Saturday, 4 March 2017

Three years with the WordPress REST API

In December WordPress 4.7 shipped with a built-in REST API, giving every WordPress site out-of-the-box REST endpoints for the core WordPress data types such as posts, comments and categories. This release is the culmination of almost four years of work by a globally-distributed contributor team, and I’m proud to say that here at Bocoup we’ve been involved in the project for over three years now. I’m proud to have been named as the Design Lead for the WordPress REST API, and as we look forward to where the project goes next I wanted to take a moment to share some of the history of the project (from my point of view). While I’ve spoken about this story in the past, I’ve never written it down—so here we go!
Finding a Content Management System
In January 2014, Bocoup was in the early stages of building a complex web application for one of our clients. We’d already selected Node.js as our primary server language, and then the scope grew to include a blog. One does not simply build a content management system, so we began to look for an off-the shelf product we could use.
There are a number of Node.js content management systems out there, many of


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