Monday, 17 April 2017

Online Courses: The Past, the Present and the Future with Brian Clark

In Episode 68, we begin our series on Starting and Growing Your Online Course. To kick it off we brought in one of the internet veterans when it comes to online courses, Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger. Brian has been in the space of online courses and digital content long before they started taking off on the web. So today he brings to our show his past experience and how he evolved into the space with Copyblogger, as well as what he foresees in the future with online courses. If you are thinking of diving into this space, or already are doing online courses, this is a must-listen-to-show.
We chatted about:
How Copyblogger has evolved and its beginning in the online course space
When online courses started gaining momentum and the key to their growth
Brian’s top tips for someone considering starting their first online course
What Brian thinks when it comes to running your courses on your own site vs. an educational platform, eg.
Why you may not see some topics covered in online courses
The lack of online courses on specific topics and should you pay attention to those
What Brian sees in the future of online courses
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