Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Introducing’ New WordPress Events Archive — Wapuus

We are pleased to announce our new WordPress Conference and Event Archive & Tracking tool. Have you ever wanted to see all the WordCamp Logos in one place? Ok, sure some of you, but what about a way to see all upcoming WordPress events, and check on conflicting dates? Now, do we have your attention? How about an easy way to see how many WordCamps and other WordPress events you have spoken at or been to? We have a tool for you! Oh yeah, and all the events info you would need like URLs, and socials too. Did you know there has been about 750 WordPress based conferences and events since 2006, not counting local monthly meetup? Each year the number of events has gone up by at least 10%?
Next, we are going to go over all the new features quickly and will have future blog posts with more details later. We’ll update this post as other posts are made and new features are added.
Under the hood
We used Central’s JSON feed to pull in all accessible events into our system(CPT), Then we expanded it from there to support Premium and unofficial events. Along with more social info, extra links, logos and of course linking the events wapuus and swag. We are not adding single Meetup events


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