Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Next Big Thing From iThemes is Coming: HelloSales, A WordPress Plugin & iOS App for WooCommerce

Every couple of years, we review where we are as a company, as well as our market and our customers, to see what new product lines we need to invest in. About four years ago, we made three new big product investments — iThemes Security, iThemes Sync and iThemes Exchange — for our future and yours … and to serve you better. Now in 2017, I’m ridiculously excited to finally announce that we are close to releasing our next blockbuster product investment … it’s called HelloSales, a WordPress plugin AND iOS app for WooCommerce, and we have very ambitious plans for it.
(By the way, pushing out a new plugin — and iOS app — only makes our Plugin Suite and Toolkit packages an ever better deal for you!)
Why WooCommerce?
First, a large number of our customer base uses WooCommerce (for themselves or clients). We think there are a number of problems we can solve for our customers in using WooCommerce to power their online stores.
Second, WooCommerce is the #1 e-commerce software on the planet … and by all accounts, it’s growing faster than WordPress right now.
Third, we’re not strangers to building onto another platform —


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