Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hosting widget and 1-click migration are live in Pro Sites

A huge advantage of having the Pro program under GoDaddy roof is that there’s a lot of good will across the company to create a seamless experience for you and and other web professionals. So it’s no wonder we collaborated with other hosting teams to roll out a double feature release for Pro Sites: hosting widget & 1-click migration! Hosting widget
Most of the website management can be done straight from Pro Sites, but sometimes you need to hop into the hosting interface to check out things like physical disk space or remaining bandwidth. That’s why we decided to put a widget on the individual website dashboard that will give you a quick rundown of the hosting plan.
But what happens if the website is not on GoDaddy hosting? That’s where 1-click migration kicks in.
1-click migration
Instead of showing all the info hosting widget has to offer, you will be presented with the host name, IP address, and the option to migrate.
So if you’re stuck with sub-par hosting and it’s time to move on, you now switch to GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting. The cool thing about this feature is that it takes care of everything for you:
It migrates your WordPress website


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