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Why you should consider WordPress for shops and ecommerce websites

WordPress came a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple blogging platform. Nowadays, it powers more than 27% of all websites, including some of the most popular brands and websites like PlayStation, TechCrunch, BBC, NY Times, Bloomberg, Forbes and many more. In the early days of WordPress, it was hard to imagine WordPress being used for anything else other than a simple blog. But as WordPress matured and evolved, people started using it for more complex websites, including online stores. Nowadays, WordPress is used for many popular ecommerce sites. Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider WordPress for your online store:
WordPress is open-source software, which means you can use and modify the source code in any way you want. Unlike many ecommerce applications which require you to pay for a license fee and come with significant limitations, WordPress gives you complete control over your online store.
Another benefit of WordPress is its community which is always ready to help in case you run into any issues. Best of all, WordPress is free to download and use, which means the only really necessary costs associated with your online store will be your domain name


There’s No Perfect Size for a Feedback Loop

The more I drafted this post, the more it felt like I should be writing some type of TL;DR for certain people who read this. So, in an effort to save time, here it is: I’m writing this for those who are new to self-employment, project management, or generally have less experience than those who are asking “Why are you writing this?” Ultimately, it’s something that most of us learn at some point in this industry, but if we can help one another short cut it sooner rather than later, we all benefit.
If you’re still interested after reading the note above, then I assume you’re looking to get better at this aspect of communication. Which is good, because so am I


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4 simple ways for gathering content from clients – MainWP WordPress Management

There I was, working for a local WordPress agency. I was building websites and felt, at the time, like I was in heaven. I was doing something I loved. In the process, I got to learn a little about the inner workings of an agency and a team.
I remember getting an assignment.
The website was pretty straight forward.
I got the design from the designer, and there was nothing overly complicated on the backend.
I struggled with my usual front end tweaks but was making good progress, trying to complete the build in less time than before.
I felt good about it all.
And then it happened.
Just like slamming bricks on a dirt floor.
Part of my job was to work with the owner of the business. There was no one else between him and me.
We had some really nice conversations and I was impressed with his company.
They had two locations in our rural state.
He seemed pretty smart and we had a good working relationship.
As we got closer to the point where I put content into the site, I begin to hear less and less from him.
The dreaded content issue
He had a wife or someone in his family that had an English degree.
That’s not even counting the issue of images.
For some reason, our designer


How To Perform A Website Audit For Incredible Growth – Newt Labs

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How well do you know Search Engine Watch? The SEW Friday quiz

How well do you know Search Engine Watch?

Following the success of our previous Easter trivia quiz, we decided to mix it up again this Friday with another quiz – this time testing how well you’ve been paying attention to the content we’ve been publishing on Search Engine Watch this week.

All of our questions (bar one, for fun!) are drawn from the past week’s worth of content, including last week’s search news roundup. So brush up and give it your best shot!


5 Years with ThemeForest: Power Elite Author Inside Experience

Let’s be honest, surviving in a WordPress theme business is not easy today, even Power Elite Authors at ThemeForest could confirm that, and this is the story about one of them. Henry Rise the owner of ThemeREX Power Elite Author account has shared some valuable information about his experience with ThemeForest. Things have significantly changed since we’ve started our business 5 years ago. ThemeForest became a popular market and you have to compete with thousands of developers across the globe. Promoting your themes as an independent vendor requires spending a significant amount of money on advertising and brand building.That is something not everyone can afford. However, there is another option. You can join a marketplace.This is, basically, what we have done joining ThemeForest in 2013 when we started ThemeREX. We have created 140+ WordPress themes since then and looking back, we can say that was a right direction to go. It gave us a possibility to focus on building quality products and supporting them, instead of worrying about marketing.
General Facts: Exclusive vs. Non-exclusive
As you probably know, Envato charges a certain fee from each sold theme. You can choose


Paul Ford: Focus on how we can make writers and editors more powerful

Paul Ford is the co-founder of Postlight, a digital product studio based in NYC. Before starting his own company, he covered tech for many well-known publications like The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Slate, and more. Ford is also a programmer who created SavePublishing and AnxietyBox. Based on his passion for coding, Ford wrote a massive 38,000 piece explaining what programming is for non-programmers, called “What is Code?” We chatted with Ford about smarter content management systems, his projects with Vice and Bloomberg, and the future of media.
First, let me take a step back and share one of the big projects that came out of Postlight Labs: Mercury. It’s a Chrome plugin that parses web pages and makes them more easily readable. It’s similar to an earlier product that my business partner Rich Ziade created, called Readability. Underneath Mercury, there’s a platform that can do a lot of things: it has APIs, you can use it to convert content to be AMP-ready for better mobile reading. As we’ve been working more and more on Mercury, we’ve been thinking of what else we can do with it.
One of these things is Bloomberg Lens. It’s a


25 Ways to Spice Up Blog Post Photos

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25 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes (2017)

Are you looking for best WordPress themes for cafes? There are so many great WordPress themes out there which makes it difficult to find the perfect theme for your cafe or restaurant business. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress themes for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Best WordPress themes for cafes

How to Build a Cafe Website Using WordPress?

If you are just starting out, then make sure that you choose the right platform to build your cafe website. Self-hosted site allows you to take full advantage of all the powerful features of WordPress.

Next, you will need to sign up for a WordPress hosting account. All websites need hosting. It is like your website’s home on the internet.

You will also need a domain name. It will be your website’s address on the internet and what your users will type in their browser to reach your website (example, or

We recommend using Bluehost or SiteGround. They are one of the largest hosting companies in the world and an official WordPress hosting partner.

Once you have signed up for a hosting account, you are now ready to install WordPress. Follow the instructions in our step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog, and you will be up and running in minutes.

After installing WordPress, you can easily change your WordPress theme to the ones from our expert pick below.

Need help with installing theme? Check out our beginner’s guide on how to install a WordPress theme.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for cafes.

1. CafeHouse


CafeHouse is a WordPress theme designed specifically for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. It has custom page templates for reservation form, food menu, contact form, blog, and full width page.

Theme homepage features an easily customizable slider on top, followed by a welcome message, and featured pages. It has custom widgets for social media integration and a top widget to display restaurant open hours.

2. Cafe Pro

Cafe Pro

Built on top of powerful Genesis framework, Cafe Pro is a stylish WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants. The homepage layout is fully widgetized with 4 widget areas, allowing you to just drag and drop widgets to build your homepage.

It has beautiful parallax background support and templates for menu and booking form pages. It also supports custom headers, accent colors, social menu, and live theme customization.

3. Downtown


Downtown is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. It comes with built-in sections for services, testimonials, team members, calendar, etc.

Inside you will find templates for reservation form, a filterable menu, and recipe pages. It also includes Google Maps support, which allows you to easily show your cafe’s location on the map.

4. Molino


Molino is another beautiful theme for a cute coffee shop, restaurant, or cafe website. It has a large full screen background image on the homepage with welcome message and a call to action button. The homepage slider is available in three different styles to choose from.

Inside you will also find a restaurant menu management system, testimonials, photo galleries, Google Maps, contact form, etc. It has tons of shortcodes, multiple layouts, custom widgets and flexible customization options.

5. Creativo


Creativo is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that comes with multiple ready to use templates including one for restaurants and cafes. You can install this demo with one click and then just replace the content with your own.

Creativo is super flexible and has multiple page templates, custom widgets, and layout choices. It ships with pre-packaged plugins like sliders, page builder, and even a live chat plugin.

6. Igloo


Igloo is another great option for a WordPress theme for cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, etc. It has a built-in menu management system allowing you to easily add and update daily items. The homepage features a beautiful slider with a call to action button.

Want to showcase customer reviews? Igloo has a built-in section to add testimonials. You can also add your own custom logo, change colors, and customize it to make it uniquely yours.

7. Highend


Highend is a highly flexible WordPress multipurpose theme. It allows you to easily import ready to use layouts for different kind of websites including a cafe/coffee shop. After importing the demo layout you can just replace the content with your own and you will be good to go.

It comes with a powerful page builder, slider, multiple templates and styles. It also supports WooCommerce out of the box so you can easily add an online store to your cafe website.

8. Cuisinier


Cuisiner is a unique WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants. Its most noticeable features include a large navigation menu with icons, a powerful slider on the homepage, and easy to setup layout.

It has built-in sections to add recipes, testimonials, staff members, events, etc. The recipe templates display your recipes in a beautiful grid layout. All theme options are easy to set up using theme options panel.

9. Maniva


Maniva is a modern and stylish WordPress theme for restaurants and cafes. It supports WooCommerce out of the box and can be used to build multi-lingual websites using WPML.

It features large homepage slider, beautiful menu styles, easy contact forms for reservations. It comes with a powerful shortcode manager, page builder plugin, and several homepage layouts.

10. Bistro


Bistro is an elegant free WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants. It supports free restaurant plugin to create food menus. The homepage features a large header image with call to action, which is followed by your most important content. Bistro can be easily customized using live theme customizer.

11. Delicio


Delicio is an excellent WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants. It has an easy to setup homepage layout that features a large full screen slider followed by a welcome message and restaurant specials.

It comes with complete menu management, Google Maps, staff profiles, and social menus. It has a beautifully designed reservation form with a complete restaurant booking management system.

12. Mise En Place

Mise En Place

Inspired by French culinary practices, Mise En Place is a sophisticated WordPress theme for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. It has a built-in menu management system with optional thumbnail lightbox popup support.

It allows you to easily create and customize layouts using drag and drop. Packed inside are flexible customization options, Google Fonts, custom logo, and full WooCommerce support.

13. Bettaso


Bettaso is a powerful WordPress theme for cafes and gourmet restaurants. It has a built-in appointment manager and its own table booking system allowing you to take online reservations.

It comes with a drag and drop builder and easy to add content modules. There are several style and layout choices to choose from and you will find tons of custom widgets, shortcodes, and flexible customization options inside.

14. Seasons


Seasons is an stylish and unique WordPress cafe theme. It features a beautiful slider on the homepage and a widgetized layout. It has its own custom theme options panel that allows you to quickly and easily setup theme.

The menu management system is fully widgetized allowing you to quickly add or edit menu items for your cafe/restaurant.

15. Bakes and Cakes

Bakes and Cakes

Need a cute and simple WordPress theme for your bakery or cafe? Check out Bakes and Cakes. It is a beautifully designed free WordPress theme with built-in sections for testimonials, team members, banners, and call to action.

It is WooCommerce ready and can be easily translated into other languages. Theme setup is quite simple and easy with live theme customizer support.

16. Flavour


Flavour is a gorgeously designed theme for restaurants and cafes. The home page features a beautiful HTML5 slider with animations. It has beautiful templates for food menu, reservation form, and photo galleries.

It comes with a powerful drag and drop page builder that allows you to easily create your own page layouts. Theme settings are super flexible and allow you to easily use your own colors, logo, header images, etc.

17. Restaurant


Restaurant is a stylish and modern looking WordPress theme. The homepage features a large fullscreen video background, parallax effect, and multiple layout choices. It has ready to use templates for your about, archives, and blog pages.

It also includes a drag and drop page builder, portfolio and testimonials sections, contact form, and helpful customization options.

18. Umami


Inspired by Japanese culinary traditions, Umami is a beautiful WordPress theme for cafes and restaurants. It has built-in menu management system, staff profiles and services section, and full WooCommerce support.

Using a full screen design, it features your business location and phone number in a sticky sidebar. It allows you to easily add unique background images to each page on your site.

19. Baseline


Baseline is a WordPress multi-purpose theme designed to beautifully showcase images and text. It looks stunningly beautiful on all devices and features a simplistic approach to design.

It supports custom headers and comes with beautiful layouts for your galleries. If you intend to add a lot of text and images to your cafe website then Baseline can be a great choice for that.

20. Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper is a WordPress theme for food related websites. It has a beautiful recipes section allowing to easily publish recipes on your website. Also included are beautiful templates to display those recipes with category based filters.

It ships with powerful page builder and slider plugins and is tested to work with WordPress multilingual plugins.

21. Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant and Cafe is a free WordPress theme featuring an elegant design and easy customization options. The homepage layout is made of different sections for testimonials, services, about, features, food menu, and restaurant location. It is WooCommerce ready and vigorously tested with popular WordPress plugins.

22. Locales


Want to build your own directory of cafes and restaurants in your neighborhood? Locales is a WordPress directory theme that allows you to easily create local business directory. It allows your users to submit listings and makes content creation easier for you.

It has a one click demo install which allows you to quickly get started. You will also get a drag and drop page builder plugin to create your own page layouts if needed.

23. Brasserie


Brasserie is another elegantly designed free WordPress theme for cafes. It features a beautiful full width header on the homepage followed by the featured content area.

It is WooCommerce ready and comes with multiple layouts, unlimited colors, custom header and background, and Google Fonts support.

24. Resto


Resto is a beautiful and flexible WordPress theme for cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. It has an easy to use menu management system allowing you to easily update restaurant menu with daily specials. The homepage layout is fully widgetized and can be setup by adding custom content widgets.

Resto also has an event management system to announce latest happenings at your venue. It is easy to customize with custom header, background, unlimited colors, and multiple page templates.

25. Vienna


Need powerful combination of features and great design? Check out Vienna. This beautiful WordPress theme comes with easy menu management, reservation form, events, testimonials, and gorgeous image galleries.

Vienna is shipped with a page builder plugin and has tons of custom widgets for social media and content discovery features. This allows you to create dynamic pages with highly engaging content.

That’s all for now.

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress theme for cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops. You may also want to see our step by step WordPress SEO guide for beginners.

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