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The Secret Lives of Pets of WordPress

In the immortal words of George Elliot, “Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticism.” Having an animal to come home to or around your workplace can really improve your life. I wanted to know how the WordPress community embraced animals, so I asked several WordPressers in the community to share photos and stories of their own animals. The results were nothing short of adorable.
Bob Dunn’s cat, Rochester
“Rochester came into our lives about two years ago – we call him Chester for short. He’s a rescue cat (our 5th one over the years) that was abandoned after a crack house raid. Rough life for his first year, but he is now the most loving cat, of course with an attitude. Although I don’t think he much cares for WordPress as he doesn’t hang around much in my office.”
Bob Dunn is a blogger and podcaster at BobWP. Connect with him on Twitter.
Jeff Starr’s fish, Spider Man
“Spider Man is a reddish blue betta fish that I rescued from another betta fish. He now lives happily next to my desk in a large bowl of water, just sort of floating around all day. He’s very quiet, relaxed, low


International WordPress Awards

IWP Awards Our goal is to create a space where innovation flourishes and where WordPress professionals can share ideas that help shape the future of the internet.
The IWP Awards is a non-profit organisation for the WordPress community, providing a way to recognize and celebrate the highest achievements in our industry. Enabling users to submit their work without cost. The public can freely vote who goes through to the independent judging panel.
What categories would you like to see at the IWP awards?
Vote for categories
As if the awards are not enough, we’ve created the IWP Innovation Prize. With the help of our amazing sponsors, we’ve raised a spectacular $30,000 to be awarded to one outstanding submission that demonstrates excellence beyond any doubt and in turn contributes towards the benefit of mankind through digital innovation.
The winning submission will be judged by an independant panel of experts.


What Does Gutenberg Mean for Plugin Authors?

I chatted with some prominent plugin authors, page builder authors, and Gutenberg contributors to understand how Gutenberg could impact the broader WordPress ecosystem. This article discusses how it can impact content authors, plugin authors, and page builder plugins in the near future. Gutenberg is the proposed new content editor for WordPress Core. It is currently in beta development. It is a radical departure from the simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach WordPress has traditionally had for content creation. As with any major change in WordPress, this will inevitably have ripple effects throughout the WordPress marketplace. With that in mind, here’s my take on how Gutenberg will affect the broader WordPress ecosystem.
The Awesome for WordPress Content Creators
From everything I’ve seen, the main motivation — primarily from WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg — is to dramatically improve end users’ experience with content creation in WordPress. With the advent of website builders like Squarespace and Wix, a cleaner WYSIWYG in Medium, and the plethora of full-featured page building WordPress plugins, the simple post editor has started


WordCamp Netherlands Reinstated for 2018

At WordCamp Europe I had the opportunity to speak with WordCamp Netherlands organizers Marcel Bootsman and Luc Princen, along with WordPress Global Community Team members Josepha Haden and Andrea Middleton. The group has had several conversations about the future of WordCamp Netherlands, which was shut down earlier this year in favor of city-based WordCamps, and have decided to reinstate the camp with a few conditions. WordCamp Netherlands organizers are now allowed to begin planning the event again based on the requirement that the country host three city-based WordCamps first. There are currently two local camps on the schedule and a few others in the pre-planning stage. Lead organizer Marcel Bootsman is aiming to have 500 attendees for the next WordCamp Netherlands in 2018.
In a recent interview with Torque, Matt Mullenweg indicated that the outlook is good for future regional WordCamps.
“I think we got to the point where we were too rules-based and now we’re starting to open up the process and be more agile in the approach to WordCamps,” Mullenweg said. “We can start to think about regional WordCamps and topic-focused WordCamp…we want to think about


How to Easily Create Tables in WordPress with TablePress

One of the best ways to organize a large amount of data on your WordPress site is with a simple table. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t offer table support as a native functionality. Today we want to dive into a very popular WordPress plugin called TablePress, and show you how it can help you create tables in WordPress with ease and without any coding knowledge. It currently boasts over 500,000 active installs and a jaw-dropping 5-star rating on, even after 2,900+ reviews! Clearly, it’s an excellent, well-coded plugin that has resonated well with the WordPress community and is an ideal solution for creating tables in WordPress.
TablePress WordPress Plugin
Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the post and learn how to add tables to your WordPress posts and pages, let’s take a quick look at some of the key features TablePress has to offer that set it head and shoulders above the competition.
Multiple import formats: With TablePress, you can not only create tables from scratch by entering in data into a WordPress table editor, but you can also import data from multiple formats such as Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. Several competitor plugins in this


Internationalization for Your WordPress Theme — SitePoint

WordPress is used to create a variety of types of websites. When building a WordPress theme, you should build it for as large of an audience as possible. That goal also implies that your theme should be ready for sites in different languages. WordPress provides a simple API that you can use in a theme to provide internationalization for it. In this article, you will see how you can make your theme ready for different languages. How to Configure WordPress for Different Languages
You can add different languages to your WordPress site. For that, you can download the translation files from the blog of the WordPress translator team. From this page, you can see the various languages whose translations are present, as well as what percentage of the translation is complete. Suppose I want to download the French language. I will go to the French language row, then click on the percentage as shown in the image below.
Then, you can click on the WordPress version, and export the .mo file as shown in the image below
Once you have downloaded the .mo file, you will have to upload it to the wp-content/languages folder of your WordPress installation. You can then go to the Settings -> General in


Know your clients: CRM and customer service

If you have a regular customer, you may know, that work becomes easier if you know the client personally. You can predict his wishes and preferences, that makes the process of buying faster and easier. We wish the work with every new lead was that easy. Rather than just hoping, let’s take a look at how real it can be! Marketing surveys are merely helping to understand specifics, because answers are not sincere, emotional, or even intentionally hidden. That is why you have to figure out it by yourself on your own auditory.
The web page is a guarantee, that you would present your service and products masses. Qualitative customer service and experienced customer service team ensure close acquaintance consumers and their needs. Once both elements are working, all that is left is to unite them into a single machinery. And everything you need for it is CRM.
Collect, store, analyse, communicate
Having a group of people to focus on, your team would need a set of tools to coordinate their actions. Times of paper and pencil have passed. Saving information about every single call on the phones and laptops is a total chaos. Personal data can get lost sometimes, then a call will be missed.


How We are Using WordPress ERP Here at weDevs To Handle Everything!

Every company needs an automated solution to manage their day to day business operations. Without such solutions, it becomes really difficult for the management to successfully operate the company. Being the same, weDevs also requires a powerful tool for managing their 30+ employees and also daily business operations. You may already know, we are the makers of WP ERP, the first WordPress Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). So, we thought why not use our own solution for managing our company?
This is a great approach to make sure we are delivering the most usable and functional solution to our end users. You may ask- How’s that?
Well, the thing is- when we are using the solution, we are solving our own problems. Please note that- every company faces almost similar problems everyday and they have to deal with them properly. As a result, when we are solving our problems using the solution, we can guarantee that our users will also be able to solve theirs.
Sounds really complex, right?
Don’t worry, we have prepared two long enough blog posts to explain this approach. We are also going to show you how we are using WP ERP for our own use.
Solve your own problems to solve others


Massive Updates To Gutenberg (June 30)

Added framework for notices and implemented publishing and saving ones. Implemented tabs on the inserter.
Added text and image quick inserts next to inserter icon at the end of the post.
Generate front-end styles for core blocks and enqueue them.
Include generated block classname in edit environment.
Added “edit image” button to image and cover image blocks.
Added option to visually crop images in galleries for nicer alignment.
Added option to disable dimming the background in cover images.
Added buffer for multi-select flows.
Added option to display date and to configure number of posts in LatestPosts block.
Added PHP parser based on PEG.js to unify grammars.
Split block styles for display so they can be loaded on the theme.
Auto-focusing for inserter search field.
Added text formatting to CoverImage block.
Added toggle option for fixed background in CoverImage.
Switched to store attributes in unescaped JSON format within the comments.
Added placeholder for all text blocks.
Added placeholder text for headings, quotes, etc.
Added BlockDescription component and applied it to several blocks.
Implemented sandboxing iframe for embeds.
Include alignment classes on embeds with


The ultimate law of mobile site design: Entertain users and drive conversion

Most consumers rely on their smartphones to make purchases and gain knowledge. In 2017, any business that lacks a mobile presence runs a serious risk of falling behind.

But it’s not just about having a site – it needs to provide a good experience. According to Google, 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site if it doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Mobile users are goal-oriented, and they expect to find what they need from a responsive mobile instantly and easily. So punch up your conversion rates by designing your mobile site with the user’s intent and needs in focus.

1. Homepage and navigation

A homepage can serve as a promotional space and welcome page, but should provide users with the content they are searching for. A conversion focused homepage should tick off the following elements: concise CTAs, homepage shortcuts, minimal selling or promotions.

Navigating on a smaller screen, it is easy for users to miss key elements on your homepage. Therefore it is advisable to put your calls-to-action where users will see them easily, such as occupying the bottom half or above the fold.

Your call-to-action signifies the tipping point between conversion and bounce. To design calls-to-action that convert, optimize the copy and design, i.e. choice of words, color, size, fonts, etc.

We understand the travails of losing our way in the mall or a mart? The same happens on mobile sites, the lack of navigation menus or location bars can hurt conversion. Mobile users expect to get back to the homepage with a single tap either through tapping your logo or clicking the home navigation menu. For best practices, use your logo as the homepage shortcut.

Too often, ads and promotion beat the purpose of visiting a page and users get turned off. To entertain visitors and drive conversion, ads or promotional banners should be kept to the minimum and placed in a position which won’t affect the user experience.

To place ads on your homepage, think like a user. What is the user trying to accomplish? Where will their attention be focused? How do I keep the page clean and uncluttered?

By answering these questions, ad placement on your homepage will be a breeze and won’t need to negatively impact user experience.

2. Commerce and reviews

With an increased rate of digitization, users expect smooth mobile experiences when searching, reviewing and purchasing products. How can marketers and businesses increase their conversion rates while ensuring excellent mobile experiences for visitors?

The answer lies in allowing visitors/users to convert on their own terms.

For an ecommerce store, requesting that visitors sign up very early in the customer’s journey is a major turn off. Visitors will abandon a website demanding registration before they can continue, resulting in low conversion unless the site is an authoritative brand.

For better results, allow visitors explore your site before requesting for registration and enable visitors purchase products as a guest. For mobile commerce sites, easy and quick should be the watchword when designing the checkout process.

Best practices for mobile commerce include the availability of multiple payment options for commerce sites. Adding payments options such as Apple Pay, PayPal and Android Pay can boost conversion rates saving users the stress of inputting credit card information. For previous users, load and pre-fill their data fields for convenience in filling shipping information.

Statistics show that 92% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing a product or doing business with a company. Meaning reviews are an important part of the decision-making process for consumers, include reviews on your web pages then allow filters be applied to these reviews. Filters such as “most recent reviews”, “most positive reviews” and “lowest ratings”.

3. Site usability

When it comes to mobile site design, every little detail matters. Details such as zooming, expandable images, transparency about the use of visitors data will aid conversion.

According to studies, users found it easier to navigate a mobile-optimized website than desktop sites on smartphones. To ensure consistency, optimize every single page on your website for mobile devices, including forms, images, etc.

Your search bar should be placed near the top of your homepage for users to search for specific products and ensure the first search results are the best. Remember to include filters on search results to narrow down users intent or preferences on your mobile site.

Be careful not to label the link to your desktop site as full site. This might confuse visitors into thinking the mobile site is not fully featured causing them to opt for the full site, simply label the link to the desktop site as “Desktop Site” and link to the mobile site as “Mobile Site”.

When optimizing a mobile site, remember to disable pinch to zoom on your images as this might affect the general site experience, calls-to-action will be missed and messages will be covered. Basically, upload images that are sized properly and will render perfectly on any device.

Due to the nature of mobile devices, lengthy forms will hurt conversion when trying to gain leads. On surveys or multiple page forms, include a progress bar with upcoming sections at the top or bottom to guide users through the process.

To aid or satisfy customers, implement auto-fill on forms for name, phone and zip code fields. For date and time fields, include a visual calendar as users might not remember dates for the next weekend but the visual calendar will stop users from leaving your page to use the calendar app.

There are numerous resources on forms that include the use of calendars and other custom input fields, including Google forms, Xamarin Forms and FormHub.

4. Technicalities

While great design drives conversions, do not ignore the very foundation of your website. The following technicalities should be implemented and audited monthly.

  • Implement analytics and track conversion on mobile and desktop
  • Test your site as a visitor and load content in their intent
  • Optimize and test your mobile site on various devices and browsers to ensure optimum performance
  • Mobile ads should redirect to mobile sites, not desktop sites
  • Check your site speed using Google speed tool
  • Check for elements of Flash and remove them as they won’t render on iOS and slow on Android
  • Submit your mobile site pages XML sitemap submitted to Google.

Finally, run your website through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.


24 Best WordPress Themes for Crowdfunding

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for crowdfunding? Many WordPress themes are geared towards corporate or blogging websites and may not be a good fit to help you raise funds for your organization. In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress themes for crowdfunding and fundraising websites.

Best WordPress themes for crowdfunding

Building a Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

Crowdfunding helps startups, charities, and individuals to raise money for their projects. It allows you to collect small contributions from individuals to reach your fundraising goals.

Many such projects use websites like Kickstarter to run their campaign. However, you will also need a website to better showcase your idea, mission, or cause.

This is where WordPress comes in. It is the world’s most popular content management system powering almost 27% of all websites on the internet. A self-hosted WordPress site gives you the flexibility and freedom to easily integrate with all popular third party services you may be using for crowdfunding.

To get started, you will need a WordPress hosting account and a domain name. This will be your website’s home on the web.

We recommend using Bluehost. They are one of the largest web hosting companies in the world and an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider.

Once you have signed up for hosting, you can move on to installing WordPress. Head over to our step by step guide on how to make a WordPress site, and you will be up and running in no time.

Next, you will need to choose a theme for your website. You can select any theme from our expert pick below. If you need help installing the theme, then check out our guide on how to install a WordPress theme.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for crowdfunding. This list contains both free and paid themes, and all of them are mobile responsive.

1. Aegaeus


Aegaeus is a super-flexible WordPress multi-purpose theme that can be easily used to build engaging crowdfunding websites. It comes with a powerful admin panel and multiple layout choices. It also includes a ready to use landing page template.

It ships with two WordPress sliders and a live chat plugin. Inside you will also find templates for contact form page, portfolio, staff members, testimonials, and tons of customization options.

2. Atomic


Atomic is a multipurpose WordPress theme perfect to build your crowdfunding website. It features a gorgeous homepage that helps you easily showcase your organization’s mission, projects, and people. With beautiful typography and gorgeous display of images, Atomic makes each page on your website highly engaging.

It offers a simpler theme setup with the help of WordPress live customizer. Inside you will also find a quick getting started guide to help you get up and running without struggling with too many options.

3. Creativo


Creativo is a modern WordPress theme designed for any kind of business websites. It includes a customizable one page template which makes it an ideal choice for crowdfunding. It also ships with several readymade demos that you can install with 1-click and replace the content with your own.

Inside you will also find portfolio content type, 7 skins, 3 design layouts, multiple header layouts, and unlimited color choices. It is eCommerce ready can be used to add an online store to your project.

4. Monochrome


Monochrome is an ultra minimalist WordPress theme that is stylish and simple at the same time. It is built on the Genesis framework which provides it a rock solid foundation.

It features a widgetized homepage layout which helps you easily setup your website. It also includes customizable header, theme options panel, 4 widget areas, and full WooCommerce support.

5. Martho


Martho is a beautiful WordPress theme suitable for crowdfunding creative projects and artworks. It includes built-in portfolio content type and beautiful portfolio display on the homepage in a grid layout.

Despite its minimalist look, inside you will find plenty of customization options to make it uniquely yours. It has unlimited color choices, header styles, multiple layouts, and more. You will also get a premium drag and drop page builder plugin for free to create your own layouts.

6. Materialism


Need a modern look for your crowdfunding website? Check out Materialism. It has two homepage layouts with several engagement triggers like call to action buttons, promo block, subscription, contact form, pricing tables, and more.

Inside you will also find multiple page templates, a blog page, social media integration, testimonials, and tons of customization options. Despite so many features, it is easy to setup and optimized for speed and performance.

7. Struct


Struct is another modern WordPress theme perfect for crowdfunding. Designed for businesses and startups, it features a drag and drop homepage layout with a large full screen header at the top.

It includes unlimited color choices, custom widgets, portfolio, photo galleries, projects, testimonials, faq section, and more. It also works with all popular page builder plugins so you can create your own page layouts if needed.

8. Nayma


Nayma is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be easily used for crowdfunding projects. It uses modules as building blocks to create page layouts and has all the commonly used web elements available as modules. You can drag and drop them anywhere on your pages.

It also includes several readymade websites that you can use as an starting point. It has unlimited custom sidebars, sliders, icon fonts, Typekit font support, testimonials, pricing tables, contact form, and more.

9. Lune


Lune is a highly flexible WordPress landing page theme with built-in demos for startups, agencies, apps, and product landing pages. It comes with a 1-click demo installer that allows you to use any of the readymade landing pages on your site instantly.

It also includes 10 header and 7 footer styles, many drag and drop sections, photo galleries, sliders, custom widgets, and tons of other customization options. A page builder plugin is also included, so you can make custom page layouts.

10. Montblanc


Montblanc is another powerful WordPress theme with flexible customization options. It can be used as a one-page or multi-page theme and comes with built-in sections for your portfolio, team members, testimonials, clients, and galleries.

Montblanc also includes several layout choices, page templates, custom widgets, and social media integration. It is also eCommerce ready with full WooCommerce support. It can also be used with popular WordPress membership plugins.

11. Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro

Built for Genesis theme framework, Parallax Pro is an elegant WordPress theme suitable for crowdfunding, landing pages, and sales page websites. The homepage features a large fullscreen header with prominent call to action. It has a widgetized layout allowing you to setup homepage using drag and drop content widgets.

It uses beautiful parallax effects to create an engaging experience for your users. It is WooCommerce ready and comes with a simple theme options panel and live customizer support.

12. Propel


Propel is a multipurpose single page WordPress theme ideal for building a crowdfunding website. The homepage features beautiful parallax effects and animations to create a better user experience. It can also be used as a multi-page WordPress theme and has templates for blog, archives, and other pages.

It has a filterable portfolio section that uses Ajax and CSS animations. It also includes a custom Twitter widget, icon fonts, unlimited colors, and contact form.

13. Reach


Reach is a free WordPress theme for charities and non-profits to create crowdfunding websites. It features a simple layout designed to showcase your cause and encourage donations. It has simpler theme customization options which can all be accessed using live theme customizer. You can change header image, background colors, and add social media links.

14. Themify Ultra


Due to its dynamic flexibility Ultra can be the perfect fit for your crowdfunding efforts. It ships with several readymade websites that can be installed with 1-click. You can then replace the content with your own to create instant websites.

It ships with an integrated drag and drop page builder which allows you to create beautiful page layouts of your own. Inside you will also find sections to add portfolio, photo galleries, testimonials, events, and more.

15. Inspiro


Inspiro is another great choice for a WordPress crowdfunding theme. It comes with built-in support to easily add self-hosted or YouTube videos as fullscreen background as a slideshow on top. It also includes a beautiful video lightbox popup for an engaging viewing experience.

Inspiro has a drag and drop homepage layout and offers integration with a free page builder plugin. Other notable features include page templates, portfolio section, hero banner, gallery templates, custom widgets, and full WooCommerce support.

16. Daylight


Daylight is an ideal WordPress crowdfunding theme for tech startups, small businesses, and non-profits. It comes with two homepage layouts, 10 pages, multiple header styles, and widget ready areas. It can be used as a single page theme or a multi page WordPress site.

Inside you will also find a social media widget, portfolio, testimonials, contact form, Google Maps, and more. All theme options are easy to setup and 1-click demo content installer is also available for quick start.

17. Hope


Hope is a WordPress theme for charities and non-profits perfect for crowdfunding and fundraising activities. It has three slider layouts, 1-click demo content installer, and drag and drop page builder. It also has support for popular WordPress plugins for non-profits.

Other features include multiple color schemes, event management, multiple layouts, and social media integration. It can also be used to create multilingual WordPress sites with WPML.

18. Balance


Balance is a WordPress business theme designed to put your brand in the center. Perfect for a crowdfunding website, Balance comes with a modern and stylish homepage layout which allows you to feature your projects and boost your conversions and supporters.

It is eCommerce ready and has beautiful templates for shop and product pages. Other features include multiple blog styles, 6 color schemes with unlimited customizations, Instagram widget, custom fonts and logo.

19. Koehn


Koehn is a multipurpose WordPress theme in the minimalist design tradition. It uses lots of empty space and has breezy layout which makes all your content appear more prominently. A simpler theme options panel makes set up process hassle free. The homepage can be setup by simply adding content widgets to create your page layout.

It also includes custom widgets for Twitter, Instagram, social media integration, and content discovery features.

20. Septera


Septera is a stylish and free WordPress theme for business websites. It is easy to setup and features beautiful typography, elegant design, and a simpler theme setup. It supports custom header, background, post formats, and has different page templates that you can use.

It is multilingual ready, with RTL language support, and the theme itself is translation ready.

21. Advent


Advent is a sleek WordPress theme for mobile apps or any other product website. Its homepage features prominent call to action buttons on top of a fullscreen background image. Followed by features, testimonials, pricing tables, and other content blocks which you can simply drag and drop to arrange your page layout.

It also includes magnifying glass feature for product images, sticky menu, social media integration, icon fonts, and custom widgets. It can be used on multilingual sites using WPML.

22. Indigo


Indigo is a stunningly beautiful and very easy to use WordPress theme. It is designed to be a multipurpose theme allowing you to choose your own layouts and styles without writing any code. It includes several readymade websites that you can install with 1-click to import complete demo content.

If you don’t want to start with a readymade website, then you can just drag and drop modules to create your own layout. It features beautiful typography, stunning templates for galleries, portfolio, services, testimonials, and many more customization options.

23. Meteor


Meteor is a WordPress portfolio and resume theme that can be easily repurposed to promote any crowdfunding project. It has masonry, grid, blocks, and carousel layouts for your portfolio page. Each portfolio item has its own template and you can add as much detail as you like.

It has a centered single post layout suitable for long form articles on your site. Other notable features include beautiful photo galleries, crisp typography, and a better user experience on mobile devices.

24. Saturn


Saturn is a highly flexible WordPress theme for any kind of business. Saturn is ideal for any kind of crowdfunding project due to its engaging one-page layout. The homepage features parallax background with beautiful effects, filterable portfolio displayed in a masonry grid.

It ships with a slider plugin, 1-click demo installer, Google Maps, Google Fonts, icon fonts, and more. It can also be used as a multi-page theme and you can add a separate page for blog posts as well.

Crowdfunding With WordPress: Tips for Success

How you run your crowdfunding campaign in WordPress depends on what platform you are using to raise funds. We will show you a couple of them to help you get started.

Adding Your Kickstarter Project in WordPress

If you are using Kickstarter, then first you will need to visit your Kickstarter project page.

Kickstarter embed code

On your project page, click on the share button and then select the Embed option. This will bring up a popup with two different embed types. You need to copy the code for the embed type that you want to add.

Get Kickstarter widget code

Now you need to edit the post or page where you want to display your Kickstarter project. You can also add it to a text widget in your sidebar. Before adding the code, don’t forget to switch to the text editor mode.

Paste the embed code and then save your post, page, or widget. You can now visit your website to see it in action.

Kickstarter project widgets in WordPress

Accept Donations Using PayPal

If you are fundraising for a non-profit cause, then you can use PayPal to accept payments directly on your website. To create a beautiful donation form, see our step by step guide on how to create a donation form for nonprofit organization in WordPress.

Convert Website Visitors into Subscribers

Most people visiting your website will probably leave without supporting your project or donating to your cause even if they support it. The best way to keep those users engaged is to start building your email list right away.

You will need to sign up with an email marketing service and use a lead generation software like OptinMonster.

OptinMonster helps you convert abandoning visitors into subscribers. This allows you to keep those users engaged and eventually convert them into a customer.

That’s all for now. We hope this article helped you find the perfect theme for your crowdfunding project. You may also want to see our ultimate step by step WordPress SEO guide for beginners.

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