Monday, 6 March 2017

From to Ghost on DigitalOcean

After ~3 years of managed hosting at I decided to self host my blog. In this blog post I’ll outline all the steps I took to migrate.
Three years ago I decided I want to create a blog, but didn’t have any specific platform in mind. WordPress was easy to setup, so I just rolled with it.
Why Move?
Managed WordPress is problematic for a programmer.
Many times I find myself wanting to install a specific plugin or theme, but can’t.
To gain all the features WordPress can offer, I need to pay. a lot.
I don’t mind setting up everything. like I said before, I believe that having strong sysadmin skills (and being able to administer your servers) is a must have.
Where should I move?
This question has two parts:
Should I stay with WordPress or move to a different platform?
Where should I host my blog?
I started looking into my options. and they were so expensive.
At WordPress I paid ~2$ a month for a managed blog, while most other providers I considered wanted at least 15$.
Then I found out that DigitalOcean has a WordPress Droplet but also a Ghost Droplet. Both cost 10$ a month.
WordPress is much more than a blogging platform, while Ghost is just that.
Ghost is


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