Wednesday, 1 March 2017

How We Migrate WordPress – A Complete Guide

Today we’re going to show you how we move WordPress to a new host. There are dozens of methods for migrating WordPress and pretty much all of them have pros and cons, but we’ve built some internal procedures that are battle-tested and work well regardless of where a WordPress site is hosted. We have two main approaches:
We move WordPress websites every single day, and almost every time we do it, limitations of hosting environments are always something we battle. We have a preferred method that’s incredibly fast, but we rarely find ourselves in the hosting utopia where we have all the access we need and protocols are supported by both servers.
Today we’re sharing what’s worked well with our customer’s sites in the real world. These methods should work on pretty much any modern web host, but we reserve the right to play dumb when you inevitably show us a web host that’s doing something strange and these approaches won’t work.
Getting Started with WordPress Migration
Whether you’re setting up a local development environment, a staging server, or moving WordPress site to new host, you’re going to need to migrate WordPress’


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