Sunday, 5 March 2017

Styling a Transparent Caldera Form on Your Genesis Site

Caldera Forms is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use form builder plugins for WordPress available. Because of its ease it is a great option for users of all levels, beginner to advanced, DIY-er to professional. Styling the forms may not be something everyone knows how to do, so we’re going to be adding a few tutorials to our blog that show the steps for adding some styling via CSS and the WordPress customizer. In today’s tutorial we’ll be using a Genesis site in our example, but the code snippets used in all of our styling tutorials really could be used on any WordPress website using any theme. The way we can ensure this is we’ll be using our own Caldera Forms classes, so anywhere you install the Caldera Forms plugin our classes will already be on your site.
Transparent Form with Font Awesome Radio & Checkbox Icons
This is the look we’ll end up with today after applying our CSS. It’s a transparent form with our selected background image showing through, and with a bit of radio button and checkbox styling using Font Awesome icons.
This has been a widely popular look for contact forms on websites for at least a year or so. I don’t


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