Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Introducing Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin by Cloudways

Complex WordPress cache plugins are now a myth; faster, simpler and better experience at zero expense. All the WordPress enthusiasts at Cloudways who are confused with technicalities of existing cache plugins or find them too big a hassle to work with, this is your moment.
Announcing the latest offering for WordPress users, the beta version of Breeze — WordPress Cache Plugin. Its performance is at par with any other cache plugin out there and it is completely plug-and-play; all this at zero expense.
All you have to do is install Breeze on your WordPress site and simply enjoy the peace of mind offered by the powerful cache plugin. That being said, creating Breeze wasn’t what we set out for. Initially, the idea was to provide a seamless user experience in terms of cache plugins with Cloudways.
Here’s How It All Started
Starting from 2016, our Customer Success team received numerous chats and feedback from our users, seeking assistance with existing cache plugins; the interesting part here is that most of these queries revolved around complexities of WordPress plugins.
For us, customer feedback lays out the definition of future product and its improvements.
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