Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Best WordPress Caching Plugins For A Fast Loading Website

WordPress Tutorials Guess what happens when a website is slow? No one visits it.
Loneliness creeps in and soon, no one remembers the name of the website. It won’t show up on decent search engine ranking positions.
Sorry, I got a little dramatic.
However, it’s true. Slow websites get no love. Therefore, you need to find a way to optimize your WordPress website. The easiest way of doing it is through a caching plugin.
WP Rocket
Unlike other WP cache plugins, WP Rocket is not free. In spite of that, it is rather a simple plugin to install and configure. It comprises of various intrinsic features, such as Lazy Image Loading — in which images only load if users scroll down to them; Page Caching — that creates an ultra-fast load time when WP Rocket is activated and Static Files Compression — in which the size of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files are reduced through minification.
Even though the ‘Settings’ tab of WP Rocket is divided into seven sections — users can easily get around it without being dragged into a room full of technicalities. Still, there is an ‘Advanced Options’ tab, which is only used to select the files and pages
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