Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Beyond Plugins and Themes: Starting Your Online Store

Episode 54 is the second of four shows in a series on Starting Your WordPress Online Store, sponsored by Bluehost. In this show, we talk with Patrick Rauland, eCommerce consultant and educator on This is Patrick’s second appearance on our podcast. Last week, we talked about choosing your eCommerce plugin, but we all know there is so much more to an online store than just building it. Patrick walks us through some of the key elements you need to consider in the early stages of planning your eCommerce site. Show #1: How to Choose Your WordPress eCommerce Plugin
We chatted about:
The essentials to get in place before you start your online store
What mistakes store owners often make in the beginning
The importance of planning how you are going to market your new endeavor
The questions you should ask yourself about whether to start a blog on your site
Resources Patrick recommends to help you get started
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