Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Freemius Launches Insights for WordPress Themes

Freemius Insights has announced that its analytics service that was previously only available to WordPress plugins is now available for themes. The company was founded in 2015 by Vova Feldman and his team after discovering how much information is not available to developers who host plugins and themes on the official WordPress directories and marketplaces. Freemius Insights for themes gives developers an opportunity to collect a large variety of data, including, email addresses, PHP, plugin, WordPress version distribution, and more. When a user installs a theme that uses Freemius, an opt-in prompt is displayed that notifies them that data will be sent to to help improve the product. Selecting Skip prevents data from reaching
Feldman says that he and his team have worked closely with the WordPress Theme Review Team to ensure that Freemius Insights does not violate the theme directory requirements. One of the most informative features that Freemius Insights provides is the ability for users to provide feedback if they decide to switch to a different theme.
When a user switches away from a product using Freemius, a prompt is shown with randomly displayed questions


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