Friday, 3 March 2017

Impressive features of WordPress galleries – Blog

This feature is often overlooked because of the wide range of impressive gallery plugins that are available. However, I wanted to talk about some of the features offered by the built in gallery tool. There are benefits to creating WordPress galleries without any additional plugins. How to create a WordPress gallery
First let’s talk about how they work. Creating a gallery in WordPress is as simple as can be. You just upload media as you normally would when creating a post. When your images are uploaded you can multi-select the images you want to make a gallery from and click the ‘Create Gallery’ button.
This will take you to a page where you can edit the appearance of the images in your WordPress gallery. You can set custom thumbnails and change the thumbnail sizes. It allows you to add captions and re-order the images if needed.
The features are fairly basic compared to some of the plugins available, however the appearance of your gallery will be very clean and professional with minimal effort:
The galleries are easy to edit within your post and page editor, and this allows you to manage galleries and display images in a professional way without needing to download


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