Thursday, 10 August 2017

Important Changes To Our (ThemeForests) Exclusivity Policy

Today, we’re announcing some big and important updates to our exclusivity policy155. A lot has changed since this policy was first created. The customer base has grown, the author community has grown and competition has intensified. Over the years, exclusive authors have established well known item brands. More and more, authors are looking to diversify their product portfolio.
These are natural developments for a marketplace and mostly welcome ones. The playing field is very different compared to when we first started out and our exclusivity policy needs to reflect this.
Before we get into the details, why do we even have an exclusivity system?
Envato’s exclusivity system rewards authors who build recognizable item brands in connection with Envato. It’s intended to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Authors who choose to participate pay a lower and decreasing author fee in return for making their content only available via Envato. It’s a way for authors and Envato to work together to amplify each other’s brand visibility and reach.
So, what’s changing?
Historically, our exclusivity policy has been item based and relied on the “sufficiently


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