Friday, 11 August 2017

The Curious Conundrum of the new Business Plan

The Curious Conundrum of the new Business Plan Automattic updated its Business plan offering today to support custom plugins and themes, further obfuscating the difference between and for the casual user and cannibalizing both the upper- and lower-end of the managed WordPress hosting space in a single bound. Though the WordPress managed hosting space is already quite saturated, with names like Dreamhost and Bluehost at the bottom end, Pressable and WPEngine in the middle, and Pantheon as you continue, and VIP at the top end, the Business Plan’s pricing structure serves to undermine many of these offerings. At less than $25 per month, it’s quite affordable, too.
Some Background: The Wall has long been the easiest way to create a new WordPress site, particularly for non-technical users. A site with a `` web address has always been free, and an offering very much in line with the needs of the typical personal blogger or small business (no ads, custom domain, modest customization via CSS) has always been available for less than $9 per month.


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