Friday, 27 January 2017

A new and improved Widget Options for WordPress

Widget Options for WordPress is a must-have plugin for you to have more control over your widgets. It’ll make it easy for you to manage widget’s visibility and even provides customisations. As user grows we are continually striving to make the plugin better, and we are very happy to announce the latest version release and update with drastic performance improvements. Better. Faster. Easier.
The highlight of this update is the faster loading time. Here’s the comparison with the previous version with a clean WordPress installation when managing widgets on wp-admin/widget.php admin page. Both free and extended versions have huge improvement based on the Query Monitor Plugin after removing unnecessary query calls and better global variables initialization.
Free version speed comparison.
Extended version speed comparison.
Having this much difference sets this plugin apart! Specially when you have a lot of widgets, the spike on loading speed is truly amazing!
That’s not all, we’ve also removed unnecessary calls on the front-end for the extra loading time added by the plugin! Below are the front-end comparison:
I have really enjoyed updating the plugin coding


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