Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Your WordPress Not Secure in Google Chrome? Here’s How To Fix It…

Recently in Google Chrome you may or may not have seen the warning that WordPress Not Secure in Google Chrome. This is quite alarming, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. Your site is explicitly being told as being not secure, and this happens quite a lot in Google Chrome mainly.
What Has Happened?
Since Google Chrome 56, Google Chrome has been explicitly warning users if a site that contains fields which Chrome thinks could house sensitive data (such as password fields or credit card fields). This has been a recent change, but a substantial one as the web moves more towards HTTPS. An example of what you would see is similar to the below.
Why are you being told Your WordPress is Not Secure in Google Chrome?
Well first off, it is not a WordPress issue. WordPress is secure, but it still works on non secure servers. WordPress in itself recommends HTTPS support. WordPress is only affected out of the box due to the fact you have to use a password to log into WordPress, so whilst no warning will appear on the front end of the site, the second you enter the admin area you will get a warning.
Of course, it’s your decision if you decide to log in insecurely, but my suggestion would


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