Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to design a WordPress website to sell an e-book

I know I’m late to the e-book game, but I just published The Podcast Starter Kit, a Q&A e-book to help you launch your first podcast. Selling digital products is a great way to open up new streams of revenue for your business. Years ago, when someone jumped into selling info (digital) products, it was spurred on by the dirty little phrase: passive income.
Well, that game is a lot harder now. Some of the lessons I share with you today, will help you position your offering a little better than your competition.
Let’s dive in!
This WordPress tutorial is all about designing & developing a WordPress website to sell your e-book. The same routines I outline here could also be used for any other digital product or marketing website.
E-book website crash course
Back in the day, building products and putting the technology together to handle the transaction, wasn’t exactly beginner friendly. Early adopters who invested in this market were seemingly crushing it, while appearing on every popular podcast to give us their tips for success — and revenue reports.
Now it’s your turn! WordPress has become more powerful, tools have gotten easier, and payment gateways


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