Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Top Dispensary WordPress plugins 2017

Within the last few months we’ve seen medical and recreational marijuana laws pass in 8 out of 9 states. This means there is going to be an influx of websites being built for new businesses with WordPress in the upcoming years.
It doesn’t matter if you’re the cannabis business owner or a freelancer/agency setting up that biz owners website, you should know what WordPress plugins will help make the website you’re building solid, secure and professionally focused.
This article will cover the WordPress plugins that you should know about and utilize in 2017.
WordPress SEO Plugins
When it comes to search engine optimization, WordPress does a good job setting you up with a good SEO Base.
But when it comes to putting all of the SEO tools needed into place, Yoast does a great job.
It’s the SEO plugin I use on my personal websites and the WordPress plugin I recommend to all of my clients and friends.
It’s the plugin I would recommend for you as well.
Yoast SEO
Additional options:
WordPress Backup Plugins
If you’ve built websites for more than a year or two, I’m sure you’ve run into the moment when a website you were working on collapses into


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