Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sell More With Elementor Pro: New Price Table & WooCommerce Widgets

Another week, another feature release! We just can’t get our dev team to slow down for some reason… This week includes a blast of 4 Pro feature releases, all eCommerce related, so if you are a WordPress store owner, this is your lucky day! We are also introducing new templates and 2 new improvements to the Forms widget, so let’s get started.
Store owners and creators of eCommerce sites are an important audience for us. Elementor already works well with WooCommerce and its widgets. The first native WC widget, called Woo Products, was released with the launch of Elementor Pro.
I know a lot of store owners have been waiting for another upgrade. Before going into details on the three new WooCommerce widgets, I want to introduce you to the new Price Table widget.
Pro users can finally experience what it is like to design unique and eye-catching price tables with the power of Elementor.
A price table is a vital element of almost any business website that needs to present its main products or services in a comparable table. With the Price Table widget, we tried to keep it simple, yet allow you to showcase your pricing plans in a unique fashion. With this widget, you can clearly differentiate
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