Friday, 24 February 2017

Cloudflare Data Leak: How to Secure Your Site

Cloudflare has experienced a data leak over a 5 month period that mixed sensitive data between websites and visitors. A visitor to one website using Cloudflare may have seen data from another website using Cloudflare that was being sent to a completely different site visitor. Some of the leaked data has been indexed by search engines who have been working over the past few days to try and remove the data from their caches.
In this post I am going to explain in simple terms, what occurred and what you need to do about it.
If you are a WordPress user and simply want to know how to secure your site, you can skip to the What Should I Do section below. I have included some information for non-WordPress site owners in that section too.
Cloudflare provides a firewall and content distribution service. Their servers are between your website visitors and your own web server.
Under normal circumstances, cloudflare returns the data each site visitor requested to that visitor. This may be public or sometimes private information and it is usually done over a secure channel. Each website visitor only sees the data they requested.
From September 22nd, 2016 until February 18th 2017 (last Saturday),


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