Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Translate a WordPress theme directly in your browser

If your WordPress site is in a language other than English, it makes sense for the theme of your site to also be translated. A lot of WordPress themes may have already been translated in your language. However, if a translation is not available for the theme you use, you can always do it yourself. In this example we will be translating a WordPress theme using the popular translation plugin Loco Translate. This allows us to translate WordPress plugins and themes within the browser.
A couple of points before we begin:
This guide results in a translation of the theme strings ONLY. This is not about the content of your posts or pages.
Perhaps some of your site content is generated through a plugin. Although the translation process is the same, a different translation for the strings generated by the plugin is required.
1) Installation and activation of Loco Translate
Let’s begin by installing the required plugin. Loco Translate can be downloaded at the WordPress plugin repository and uploaded to the plugins directory in your WordPress site, or added directly through the Dashboard at Plugins > Add New. After you have installed an activated the plugin, the Loco Translate menu item


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