Thursday, 23 February 2017

Zerif Lite Returns to after 5-Month Suspension and 63% Decline in Revenue

In October 2016, Zerif Lite was suspended from the WordPress Themes Directory after failure to comply with the Theme Review Team’s guidelines. The suspension left 300,000 users (including those using Zerif Lite child themes) without maintenance and security updates. After five months of fixes and several rounds of review, Zerif Lite has returned to the directory with the same functionality but a significantly altered user experience. Users are now required to install a plugin for the features that were previously deemed to be “faux custom post types,” violations of the content vs. presentation guideline for themes. These include small custom content blocks that appear on the homepage for things like team info and testimonials.
“We will work on making sure it is all clear for people, but I still don’t understand or agree with the requirement,” ThemeIsle CEO Ionut Neagu said. “I think Torsten phrased it better: ‘Why do the guidelines of the Theme Review Team forbid the usage of Shortcodes/CPTs/etc. due to problems when switching themes, if, in the meantime, the Plugin Review Team explicitly allows those plugins which


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