Thursday, 23 February 2017

Introducing ‘Widget Areas for WordPress’ — A Brand New Free Add-on

Creating WordPress sidebar widget areas just got a whole lot easier and more convenient using Widget Areas add-on. Widget Areas for WordPress
This brand new free extension will let you create unlimited sidebar widget areas without worrying about any PHP code on your functions.php and even filter the visibilities per post types. You can create separate widget areas per post types and let them appear before or after the post contents. This will automatically be displayed without touching any file on your themes. Easy!
Managing each widget area is pretty easy that any user can use the plugin right away. Just go to Appearance > Widget Areas after the plugin installation and activation and you can start right away. After creating each widget area, just go to Appearance > Widgets and start adding your widget contents.
Using side by side with Widget Options Plugin you will have the best and easiest widget management on every WordPress sites you have! Let the plugins handle this feature and you will never have to worry about your premium themes update, which most of the time needs extending manually via custom codes for you to add several sidebar widget areas that you may need.


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