Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Some Handy WordPress Media Library Hacks

The WordPress Media Library is a powerful tool that makes it easy to upload, edit and delete images and other media. Moreover, it allows to filter, select, include media into posts and pages, with caption, description and alternative text, generating the necessary HTML code. Most of times, the WordPress Media Library covers the most common requirements of a site administrator, and we don’t have to add new functionalities. Anyway, in case we’d need to enhance specific features, WordPress provides a number of functions and hooks that enable us to give more powers to the Media Library without the use of 3rd party plugins. So, in this post we will dive into these functions and hooks with four practical examples.
WordPress Media Library Hacks
Here is our table of contents:
Attachment Post Type and Metadata
Anytime we upload a media file, WordPress generates an attachment post type. Just like any other post type, attachments are registered into the wp_posts table, and the respective metadata into the wp_postmeta table.
The wp_posts table stores data like post_content (attachment description), post_excerpt (attachment caption), post_author, post_title, post_status, post_mime_type.


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