Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to create an image slider for your WordPress site

Smart Slider 3 is one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins. It is powerful, feature-rich and very easy to use. The plugin allows you to create a slider for your posts and pages only with a few clicks, while providing the capability to fully customize every element in a slide. 1. Install and activate Smart Slider 3
The plugin is free and can be downloaded at the WordPress plugin repository. Upload it to your server or add it directly through the Dashboard at Plugins > Add New, then activate it to get started. Smart Slider will appear in the Dashboard menu on the left.
2. Create a slider
Upon clicking Smart Slider in the menu, the plugin Dashboard appears. You may notice a sample slider already exists, but let’s click New Slider to create our own!
A slide can be added to the current slider by clicking New Slide. The process of creating a slide begins by selecting its background image. Pick one from the Media Library or upload a new one, and you are good to go.
Click the slide to edit its content and the slide editing area appears. Notice the toolbar on the left. This allows you to add elements to the slide, such as headings, text blocks, images or buttons. Think of each


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