Thursday, 16 February 2017

Core Editor Meeting Notes 2017 [Gutenberg Editor]

WordPress community has been actively participating to help make the new editor for WordPress. There’s lots of activity both in Slack and at GitHub. It’s an incredible time to contribute. Here’s the meeting summary for this week’s editor team meeting (agenda here) in #core-editor Slack channel.
Let’s keep working on the UI prototype — Gutenberg UI prototype. Some ideas for improvements discussed in the meeting are mentioned below:
Five of them: I (@mrahmadawais) suggested that we should try to consolidate the multiple toolbars, so there aren’t five.
Text vs. Block: Mel (@melchoyce) also felt that Gutenberg UI prototype does feel heavier, she also suggested that the text shouldn’t feel like a block.
Blocks Or Not: I tend to agree with her considering it’s hard to think about aligning text across multiple blocks — maybe it’s the block feeling. That said, Weston (@westonruter) said that the different toolbars can be contextual to the block being edited.
Accessibility: @iseulde suggested the docked contextual toolbars make more sense from the accessibility point of view.
Ease of Use


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