Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Freemius Insights for WordPress Themes – Officially Released!

Today, we’re officially announcing the release of our insights and analytics solution for WordPress theme authors: Freemius Insights for themes – yeah baby! In case you have never heard of the Freemius Insights solution before – it’s an easy-to-use BI tool that provides comprehensive details and metrics about your WordPress product users & usage. Once you integrate it into your product, your users are prompted by an opt-in screen that asks approval to capture their user-data. Then, that data is automatically saved and filtered for you to make use of.
What’s all the excitement about?
Well, up until now, Freemius Insights was only available for WordPress plugin authors, but…
Insert drum roll, please…
Freemius Insights is now officially available for WordPress THEMES, too!
The Freemius team has been hard at work on being able to provide complete analytics and user data for theme authors in the past few months. We have been discussing it with many WordPress theme authors who have expressed an urgent need to use it with their WordPress themes.
Everybody knows that data about WordPress theme users is not something that is easy to come by when
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source https://williechiu40.wordpress.com/2017/02/28/freemius-insights-for-wordpress-themes-officially-released/

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