Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Key to a Seamless Omnichannel Strategy? Focus on the Humans

Omnichannel strategy has been a growing buzzword over the past several years, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. Traditionally brick-and-mortar retail stores have been moving into the e-commerce space for years, but the real sign that omnichannel is here to stay is that online-only giants like Amazon and Alibaba have both recently opened physical locations.
If you sell from both brick-and-mortar and online retail locations — or even sell online through multiple channels — it’s time to sit up and start paying attention.
Embracing an omnichannel strategy isn’t as easy as setting up multiple shops. If you aren’t working to integrate your customer experience across all of your locations — whether physical or digital — you risk turning off more customers than you would if you didn’t offer the option in the first place.
Consider this:
Poor omnichannel a trap many companies fall into. Why? Because too many are focusing on the technology, rather than the humans. That’s understandable — automation software, big data, click-and-collect, and other big technology buzzwords get the spotlight. And yes, companies who do omnichannel


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