Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Envato Hosted (ThemeForest Hosting) WordPress Hosting Review – Is It Any Good?

If you’ve recently been shopping for a new WordPress theme on ThemeForest, you may have noticed a new service being advertised on the site named ‘Envato Hosted‘ — a recently launched managed WordPress hosting service from Envato, the parent company of leading WordPress theme and plugin marketplaces ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. As well as managing some of the main aspects of your WordPress website (something we’ll be covering in more depth below) and providing you with everything you need to start a new site, one of the main selling points of this innovative new service is that you also get access to one of the participating ThemeForest themes as part of your subscription payment.
Having a single point of contact for domain registration, website hosting, theme provision, and the management of things like website updates and backups sounds very convenient. But is this service worth your money, and does it deliver the performance your website needs?
Let’s take a look…
About the Envato Hosted Managed WordPress Hosting Service
Envato aims to simplify the process of launching a WordPress website with their new web hosting service. Now, instead of
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