Monday, 20 February 2017

Pursuing WordPress as a Career Path – Dice Insights

WordPress made its debut in 2003, when developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to create a fork of b2/cafelog, a blogging platform. Thanks to its ease of use, WordPress expanded rapidly; by March 2016, roughly a quarter of all Websites relied on it. Although breaking into many tech industries requires a degree of some sort, WordPress is one of those areas where developers and other tech pros are making names for themselves without any sort of formal training. That’s a powerful incentive to pursue WordPress as a career path—provided you know how to break into the arena.
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How does your typical developer end up working with WordPress? Take the case of Brad Parbs, lead backend developer at WebDevStudios, who initially pursued a traditional computer science education, but found it less engaging than he’d hoped.
“A lot of my friends were [Web] engineers,” he said. “They were telling me all this cool stuff they were doing and how passionate they were, and I was like, ‘This computer science stuff is not that exciting.’” He dropped out of college to build websites on his own, and eventually joined the WebDevStudios


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