Friday, 24 February 2017

Truth matters. We’re getting behind journalists.

I come from an immigrant family. Most of us do. My father immigrated from Quebec with his parents and 6 brothers and sisters in the 1940s. They were looking for better farm land and economic opportunity. The Lemieux’s settled in Vermont, later spreading out through New England, and within a generation were successful Americans. They built businesses, raised families, and contribute to our collective endeavour with an incredible amount of tenacity and innovative thinking. And potatoes. They all still grow potatoes.
I guess this makes me a first-generation American. My wife shares a similar story albeit one generation removed. Her great grandfather left Italy as a teenager aboard a ship bound for America. It embarked for Argentina (South America darnit!) where he learned to farm and later in life landed at Ellis Island with his Argentinian wife, children, and a dozen farm workers he couldn’t bare to leave behind.
Although I am a citizen, the new American war against immigrants still bothers me. It does so because I am a citizen. My family and millions like it have been offered the promise of America. It is our duty to offer the same to others – especially those who are


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