Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to Find and Add Stock Photos Without Leaving WordPress

We realize that many of you wear multiple hats and juggle an almost unprecedented amount of tasks each month. One minute you might be writing a blog post and the next you are on the phone trying to close a deal. Finding a way to speed up certain tasks or automate them can sometimes make all the difference. Time is money as they say, and you should be focusing on the tasks that affect your bottom line. Today we are going to dive into a few services and plugins that allow you to find and add beautiful stock photos to your website without ever leaving the WordPress dashboard. Finding Stock Photos for WordPress
Let’s be honest, nobody really likes stock photos, but for a majority of businesses, blogs, and content creators, stock photos are the only solution. Many don’t have the funds, time, or expertise to create or take their own photos. Thankfully, compared to 5 years ago, there are a lot more places now to find premium stock photos, as well as free stock photos for your WordPress site. And many of them have huge databases of beautiful high-resolution images. Here are a few popular ones that come to mind:
Shutterstock (premium)
iStock (premium)
Adobe Stock (premium)


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