Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New Elementor Feature – Flip Box (Including a Unique 3D Effect)

Interactive design is all the rage now. Here in Elementor we have always strived to offer you a wide range of features that add interactivity to your site. Hover and entrance animations, carousels, slides and toggles are just a few examples of widgets that involve visitor interaction. Now, comes a new widget, that adds another level of interactivity – the Flipbox widget.
Forget everything you thought you knew about flipboxes. Elementor Pro’s Flipbox gives you more design possibilities, as you will see in the examples below.
A flip box is a box that flips over when you hover over it. You can choose from different animations, and customize the look and behavior of each flip box. Flip boxes can help make your content more interesting, improves the user experience and also allow you to accentuate your business features, products and services.
With Elementor’s new Flip Box widget, you get all the basic flip effects, including flip, push, slide, face, zoom in and zoom out. The flip animation effects work seamlessly, with no hiccups or stalls.
You can add a captivating 3D effect to your content boxes and make them truly unique. The 3D option is available for all the flip directions and can
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