Friday, 24 February 2017

How to Create Front-End Edit Profile Form Page in WordPress

By default, users can only edit their profile information in WordPress from the backend dashboard. A lot of WordPress powered website owners dislike this behaviour and would rather prefer users edit or update their profile their website front-end. In this tutorial, i will be showing us how to create a front facing or front-end edit profile form page using our ProfilePress plugin.
Mind you, ProfilePress is a shortcode based form builder. It uses shortcodes to accomplish its form building. In light of this, the following shortcodes are available for you to create and design your website edit profile form to your heart content.
Available Shortcodes for Front-end Edit Profile Form
[edit-profile-username title=”Username” placeholder=”Username”] — displays hidden input field that contains users’ username. Note: username can’t be edited nor changed.
[edit-profile-email title=”Email Address” placeholder=”Email Address”] — displays input field for users to edit their email addresses.
[edit-profile-confirm-email title=”Confirm Email Address” placeholder=”Confirm Email Address”] — displays input


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