Thursday, 23 February 2017

Official Nextgen Bootstrap/Load Feature Project For WordPress Core

The bootstrapping process of WordPress Core (affectionately called the “Bootstrap/Load” component around here) is a critical piece of the system, and everything else depends on it being reliable and performant. However, developers and system administrators also need it to be flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of their differing projects or environments. Large-scale WordPress installations often require substantial customizations to adjust for scalability and redundancy. Considering the importance of this component, the documentation is not adequate, and very few people actually know what the exact flow is. More importantly, there isn’t a wide understanding of why specific decisions had been taken, and how later code depends on the bootstrap process.
This proposal aims to launch a feature project to work on the next iteration of the bootstrap component with a set of specific goals in mind.
To be able to guide the design process and have measurable success metrics, clear goals need to be defined.
Here’s an overview of what specific goals the project should aim for:
The component has proper documentation for every step of the process.


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