Monday, 27 February 2017

How to Create a Custom User Registration Form for WordPress

Not everyone whose website was built with WordPress like the fact the default registration page lives outside their website and do not conform to their site design. The dislike is also as a result of limited fields in the default registration form – contains username and email field with password sent to the user after registration. In this tutorial, i will be showing us how to build a custom user registration form from ground up using ProfilePress as well as using pre-built templates or themes that will be displayed at the front-end of site.
The registration we will be building from scratch will take the form of the design below.
Ready? Let’s Go
First off, install and activate ProfilePress plugin.
Click the Registration Form menu followed by the Add New button.
Copy the code below to the Registration Design TinyMCE editor.
<div id="sc-register"><h1>Sign Up</h1><div class="sc-container"> [reg-username title="Username" placeholder="Username"] [reg-email title="Email Address" placeholder="Email Address"] [reg-password title="Password" placeholder="Password"]


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