Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to Speed Up a WordPress Site & Why It Matters

Is your WordPress website sluggish? Are pages and posts loading slowly and you don’t know why? In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons and show how to speed up a WordPress site. Why is Your WordPress Site Slow?
Whether your hosting provider, poor code or not optimizing images is to blame, digging into why your website is running slowly is worth the time and effort. Why?
Faster websites result in a better user experience.
Speeding up your website can also help with your Google search rankings, as Google takes into account page loading speed.
Let’s dig into the most common reasons for a slow WordPress website.
1. Poor Hosting Performance
If your website is running slowly, it’s possible your web host is unable to handle large bursts of traffic, or the servers where your website reside are not optimized.
In addition, shared hosting providers seem like a good idea, but they often fail to provide efficient loading times because you are sharing a server with countless other websites that may or may not be optimized.
2. Poor Code
Inefficient code can also slow down a WordPress website. If you are familiar with HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you probably have an idea of how


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