Thursday, 27 July 2017

7 Things I Learned at my First WordCamp · The Appreciative Traveler

You might be wondering what a blog entry about WordCamp has to do with travel. My travel blog and 75 million other websites use WordPress (WordPress report) and many of you reading this post have a WordPress website. I was asked to present a talk to the Ottawa WordPress meeting by my daughter Meagan who was part of the organizing group for this meeting. She has been involved with WordPress for many years, and often presents and participates at other WordCamps. My career background includes customer service, customer management, and technical support management. Given many of the developers work for themselves, I thought a presentation on stellar customer service might be of interest, and it was. I also learned quite a few things as well as dispel some of my assumptions about WordCamps.
1 – I expected most of the participants at the WordCamp conference to be millennials. I’m not sure why I expected this, but it was a wrong assumption on my part I was quite surprised to see all age groups, from young adults to late baby boomers. I didn’t feel out of place with my graying hair.
2 – I expected a great percentage of participants to be men. This assumption was based


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