Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How GoDaddy Pro helps website pros shop on behalf of clients

How GoDaddy Pro helps website pros shop on behalf of clients. GoDaddy Pro offers website developers the ability to shop for products for their clients, and earn GoDaddy reward points at the same time. Learn more about the benefits of being a GoDaddy Pro at: Welcome to “How to shop for your client”
If you build websites for other people or businesses, then you’re a Pro. Your clients trust you to know what’s needed for a great looking and effective online presence. And GoDaddy Pro makes it easy for you to purchase products on their behalf.
In the process, you earn reward points that you can use to purchase additional products – for your use or theirs. It’s up to you.
When you take care of the shopping, it’s more efficient and saves everyone time by ensuring your clients get the right products from the start. And it boosts your reputation as a full-service provider.
How does it work? It all starts by logging in to your Pro Dashboard, selecting the client, and then clicking Add Products.
Simply add the products your client needs to the shopping cart.
You can then email the cart to the client, who completes the purchase.


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