Saturday, 29 July 2017

Why WP Buffs Stopped Offering Free Trials For Monthly Plans

As of July 29, 2017, WP Buffs will no longer offer free trials for our monthly plans. All monthly plans will be 50% off the first month of service and full price thereafter. We will, however, still offer free trials for our annual plans. Since I started WP Buffs about a year ago, we’ve offered a free trial for all of our ongoing support plans. A lot of companies offer free trials. There were a lot of advantages.
More people signed up. Because it costed nothing to try out our support plans, we found that more people were willing to give us a shot.
Accelerated learning. With a larger pool of customers taking us for a test drive, our team learned a lot about what we can do to convert people from free trials to paid customers.
We were motivated. A free trial put the impetus on our team to go above and beyond when it came to delivering value to customers to try to convert them into paying partners.
But there were also disadvantages. And there’s one that stood above all others in pushing us towards moving away from offering free trials for our monthly plans.
Free Trials Attract the Wrong Customers
Like I’ve mentioned before: our free trial to paid customer conversion rate


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