Saturday, 29 July 2017

Simple Text-to-Speech for WordPress

Create affordable, high-quality audio recordings of your WordPress blog posts using Amazon Polly. Overview
Simple Text-to-Speech integrates WordPress with the Amazon Polly text-to-speech API. Simply select your text, click “Convert,” and have a high-quality MP3 added to your WordPress Media Library.
Amazon Polly is affordable (free for the first 5 million characters/month) and offers 40+ lifelike voices for text-to-speech in many languages. With Simple Text-to-Speech, the power of Amazon Web Services is integrated into your WordPress editor.
Once you’ve purchased Simple Text-to-Speech, install the plugin by uploading the files to your WordPress install.
After you’ve activated Simple Text-to-Speech, you’ll need to enter your AWS credentials.
Obtaining an Access Key and Secret Key
To get an Access Key and Secret Key, you’ll need to create an AWS IAM user.
Sign into the AWS Console using your Amazon account. Then, navigate to the IAM control panel.
From the IAM control panel, navigate to “Users” and click “Add User”. Enter a name for your IAM user.
Enter a name for your IAM user. Check the “Programmatic Access”


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