Thursday, 27 July 2017

Better WordPress Theme Onboarding with Merlin WP. Coming Soon.

You get one chance to make a fantastic first impression. Just one. WordPress itself isn’t particularly known for its first impressions, and WordPress themes in general are notoriously difficult to get rolling. Sure, it’s easy to install WordPress and upload a theme. But what happens next? Why not make this first impression blow the user away, offering a simple, intuitive, and clever interface to help them get started?
Introducing Merlin WP
is my stab at addressing the tedious and exhausting WordPress theme setup and onboarding process. It makes installing a new WordPress theme, its recommended WordPress plugins, Customizer settings, widgets, and demo content, an exciting and gratifying user experience.
A while back, David Baker created a clever setup wizard class (Github), inspired by the WooCommerce welcome wizard. While it’s a solid move in the right direction, I wanted to build an onboarding wizard that was even more refined. So I did.
Here’s a really short demo video I drew up to showcase the Merlin WP experience:
And while I originally developed Merlin WP as a side-project to exclusively include in my own theme catalog, I soon pivoted and committed to building


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