Sunday, 30 July 2017

CloudSnap – Clone WP, create blueprints or offsite backups and more

One of the most asked questions and feature suggestions we receive from our costumers is the ability to clone their sites. We were thinking how to make this since it needs to work between two server or regions and while prototyping we found a very flexible way to make this. We didn’t want to make pure WordPress cloning feature, but a much more advanced and flexible one. Today, we are happy to announce our new major feature, CloudSnap. What is CloudSnap?
CloudSnap is a feature that takes a snapshot of your site and stores it on Google Cloud Storage. You can create CloudSnap from a current site state, backup or staging site and later use the CloudSnap to create new WordPress site or new staging site. Let`s focus on real life examples to see the power of our new feature.
1. Cloning a WordPress site
You can use CloudSnap to completely clone a WordPress site, in the same or another geographic region. If you already have a WooCommerce shop for US market but want similar for the European market or simply want to have another WooCommerce shop in the same region for other types of products, this can be done very easily using our CloudSnap feature. Cloning a WordPress site never been easier and


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