Thursday, 27 July 2017

Learn from WP Buffs how to set your maintenance business apart

Like with any business it’s important to stand out, and with more WordPress maintenance businesses thriving, I wanted to find out what does it take to be different, rather how to get clients to pick you. Joe Howard from WP Buffs has already shared some insightful information on how to get started in the world of freelancing, and I wanted to find out how WP Buffs came about, what’s unique about them, what tools they use, and how they position themselves in the WordPress community. Joe, who if you haven’t met is the friendliest person around, made sure I had all of the answers I was looking for. How did you first get started with WordPress, and what led you to starting up a WordPress website technical support business?
The first startup I ever got involved with was a very early-stage SEO agency. I was brought on as the Director of Operations. The title sounds impressive, but when you’re the first employee of the company, it really just means you do some of everything.
We ran digital marketing campaigns for clients across a range of different industries. But it turns out along with digital marketing services, people wanted new websites too! We decided to meet that


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