Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Using a Page Builder for Your Online Store

On today’s show we are focusing a bit more on WordPress and exploring what is commonly known as page builders. Now in the past when I was designing WordPress sites, I was first exposed to a site builder theme for WordPress in 2009, which was quite a few years ago. And obviously, they have come a long way. But our focus today is primarily on using a page builder to create your online store in WordPress: in a nutshell, the pros and cons. To help us navigate the world of page builders I thought of the perfect guest, someone who has not only built one, but works with users day in and day out, hearing their feedback of what works and doesn’t work. And that person is Robby McCullough, one of the driving forces behind the Beaver Builder plugin for WordPress. Robby shares some great thoughts on reasons for using and not using a page builder for your WordPress online store. He also shares some cool insights for developers and designers. So let’s get started and chat with my friend Robby.
We chatted about:
Why we are seeing such growth in page builder use
What sectors are we seeing the most growth in
The top benefits of using a page builder for your online store
When Robby wouldn’t


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