Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Improving WordPress Auditing and Logs with WP Security Audit Log Plugin — WPCouple

Website security is a never ending debate in the WordPress community. Normally, when you launch a website, you forget taking security measures unless something breaks. Keeping an audit log is an effective way of improving your WordPress site security. When I (@MaedahBatool) came to know about it, I started hunting for the possible ways of doing it. And once again WordPress plugins came to rescue.
However, when I scrolled through the repository very few options existed. After, a good deal of testing, trial, and error — I ended up with the WP Security Audit Log plugin. It is a security logging plugin which tracks happenings of your website. It’s been quite some time since I’m using this plugin and today I’m pretty excited to talk about it with you guys.
The concept of tracking and monitoring parameters in WordPress is not new. People have been doing it for optimization, page speed, traffic, etc. Likewise, security logs can be monitored and an audit of these tracks everything you do.
The WP Security Audit Log plugin is developed by WP WhiteSecurity and Robert Abela (who is now one of the WPCouple-partners). It logs what happens on the backend of your website.The


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